DALI alliance members

Allowing global users accesses to a full range of communication technologies in intelligent

lighting systems,supporting new lighting products ideas our users have.                      

Facts and figures about our development


Established in 2014, Shenzhen Lighting Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a state recognized high-tech enterprise and is a leading provider

of intelligent lighting solutions in the country and in the region. Shenzhen Lighting Control Technology has been providing innovative

technology and system solutions to the intelligent lighting solutions market customer base, which includes Fortune 500 companies,

allowing global users accesses to a full range of communication technologies in intelligent lighting systems, supporting new lighting

products ideas our users have.

Offers complete power and intelligent lighting control system solutions

Product portfolio features power supply and conversion systems ranges from 2W to 5KW; DALI, DMX512 LED drivers and controllers; sensing

systems like motion sensor, environment Illumination sensor, occupancy sensor, visible light  sensor, hazardous gas sensor, energy management

sensor, AC grid state analysis; central controller and software system; Adopt N + 1 product interoperable usage mode to meet the differentiated

needs and rapid innovation needs of different users worldwide. Widely used in fire protection, medical, plant factories, office, commercial supermarket,

storage and other fields. Shenzhen Lighting Control products are all certified in one or more of the industry standards, VDE, TUV, CUL, FCC, PSE,

RoHS2.0, BIS, SAA, CB and some common and well-known examples.



We adheres to the concept of sustainable development

Our company philosophy values the harmonious coexistence of environmental soundness and human life style, and develop technologies

accordingly which enables users to enjoy intelligent and the comfort lighting technologies brings. The product design philosophy of the company

is to create "Innovative, health conscious and environmentally responsible products serving the lighting industry”. Through our products, Shenzhen

Lighting Control wishes to play a part in the solutions to enable the lighting industry creating products that are power efficient and innovative and help

to combat the global warming and other environmental challenges.