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DALI Controlgear

  •   TD-DALICU02-EN-0


  •   Product description
    ・It can measure power and internal temperature.
    ・Can convert 0-10V dimming signal or digital dimming commands
        into DALI broadcast command.
    ・2 CHs 0-10V signal or digital dimming command are buffered output.
    ・0-10V output interfaces are designed to sink or source current of up
        to 25mA.
    ・Digital command or 0-10V signal dimming method can be selected
        through ESI.
    ・DALI 2-wire sensor (highest priority) and ESI sensor supported.
    ・The data can be read by ESI or DALI port.
    ・DiiA/Zhaga connectivity extensions DT49, DT50, DT51, DT52.
    ・Selection of the desired device type via operating mode;
        0x00: IEC 62386-102 standard mode.
        0x80: manufacturer specific mode, DT6, DT8supported (default).
    ・Translate DALI dimming command to 2 CHs analog 0-10V output
        (ChA: Intensity, ChB: CCT).
    ・The AC load relay can be switched off when dimming off.
    ・AC load relay will switch off AC output when dimming level is set to 0.
    ・Zero-crossing switching function for AC load relay.
    ・DC signal relay will short-circuited DALI interface and physically
        disconnect 0-10V output interfaces in case of power loss.
    ・Built-in DALI PSU, 15V , 55mA (programable to 200mA).
    ・Built-in ESI PSU, 15V / 55mA.
    ・AC output: 8A Max., 1385VA Max.
    ・IP24 protection rating.
    ・For luminaries of protection class II.
    ・DALI and ESI interfaces are both compliant with SELV.
    ・Communication protocol compatible with Enlighted Sensor
        Interface [ESI] Definition Rev 4.8 .

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   Ordering Information            
   Model Number


   Full Product Name

 DALI Controlgear

   Input Information                  

   Line Voltage

 100 ~ 240Vac

   Line Curren

 0.1A Max. (AC output power is not included)

   Line Frequency

 50 / 60Hz

   Min. Mains Voltage Operational


   Min. Mains Voltage Operational


   Inrush Current

 Cold Start ≤ 60A (twidth = 50us measured at 10% Ipeak) @ 240Vac, Per NEMA 410

   Output Information               

   AC Output Current

 4.5A [max.]

   AC Output Inrush Current

 120A/10ms [max.]

   Analog 0-10V Interface Max. Current

 Sourcing / Sinking ≤ 25mA

   DALI Output Voltage Range

 14Vdc to 18.5Vdc

   DALI Open Circuit Voltage

 18Vdc Max.

   DALI Max. Output Voltage


   DALI Typ. Output Voltage


   DALI Min. Output Voltage


   DALI Guaranteed Output Current


   DALI Max. Output Current


   DALI Max. Output Power


   Comm Port AUX VCC

 Nominal 15Vdc (deviation 13Vdc to 17Vdc) @50mA


 Short circuit protection of DA+ / DA-

   Environment & Approbation 

   Protection Rating


   Ambient Temp Range

 -20℃ to +70℃

   Max. Case Temperature[Tcase]

 80℃ for Maintaining Specified Life Expectancy & 85℃ for CE Safety Features

   Operating Condition

 Damp and dry

   Safety Standards

 EN61347-1, EN61347-2-11, BIS IS 15885

   EMC Emission

 Compliance to EN55015, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3

   EMC Immunity

 Compliance to EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11, EN61547, surge immunity Line-Line 1KV


 Refer to table

   Audible Noise

 < 24dB Class A

 DALI sensor to DALI driver wiring diagram

TD-DALICU02-EN-1F esi.png

  (2-wire) Sensor Wiring Diagram

TD-DALICU02-EN-1F 2.png                           


  Dimensions & Weight

Case Length  5.23"133


Case Width  2.24"57                                  
Case Height  1.18"30
Mounting Length
Overall Length  5.23"133
Weight   0.088Ib/0.040Kg

  Cable Specification

Installin accordance with Nationa and Loca Electrical Codes.

Output cable requirements preparation for output.


   Solid conductor:
   Input: 0.5…1.5mm² / 20…16 AWG
   Output: 0.5…0.75 mm² / 20…18 AWG