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DALI Controlgear

  •   DALICU04-SL-FM
  •   DALICU04-SL-FM


  •   Product description
    ・The AC load relay can be switched off when dimming off.
    ・Zero-crossing switching function for AC load latching relay.
    ・Built-in DALI PSU, 15V , 55mA.
    ・AC output (Switched + Un-switched): 8A Max. @120Vac, 1385VA Max.
        @ 175Vac~277Vac.
    ・Power metering and internal temperature detection function.
    ・Metering data can be read out through DALI interface.
    ・Translate DALI dimming commands to 2 CHs analog 0-10V outpu
        (ChA: Intensity, ChB: CCT).
    ・Peak currents up to 25mA are sourced and sunk by 0-10V output
        per channel.
    ・DiiA/Zhaga connectivity extensions DT49,DT50,DT51,DT52.
    ・Selection of the desired device type via operating mode.
        0x00: IEC 62386-102 standard mode, DT5 supported.
        0x80: manufacturer specific mode, DT6, DT8 Tc supported (default).
    ・Over current protection when load connects to Switched, and the
        failure information is recorded in NVM.
    ・DALI / 0-10V interface is compliant with SELV.
    ・The full-length mounting or the break-off tab can be removed to
        create a smaller form factor for a reduced footprint.

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dali.png     ROHS.png     SELV.png        JY.png    回形.png     双重绝缘.png 

  Model Number


  Full Product Name

 DALI Controlgear 

  Line Voltage

 100 ~ 277Vac

  Line Curren

 0.1A Max. (AC output power is not included)

  Line Frequency

 50 / 60Hz

  Min. Mains Voltage Operational


  Min. Mains Voltage Operational


  Inrush Current

 Cold Start ≤ 60A (twidth = 50us measured at 10% Ipeak) @ 277Vac, Per NEMA 410

  AC Output Current

 8A / 120Vac, 6A / 230Vac, 5A / 277Vac

  AC Output Inrush Current

 180A, 10ms (max.)

  Analog 0-10V Interface Max. Current

 Sourcing / Sinking ≤ 25mA

  DALI Output Voltage Typ.


  DALI Guaranteed Output Current



 Short circuit protection of DA+ / DA-

  Protection Rating


  Ambient Temp Range

 -20℃ to +70℃



  ESI sensor to single channel 0-10V driver Wiring Diagram

ESI sensor to single channel 0-10V driver Wiring Diagram.png

  ESI sensor to dual channel 0-10V driver Wiring Diagram

ESI sensor to dual channel 0-10V driver Wiring Diagram.png

  Dimensions & Weight



Case Length  6.3"160 (with tab)

  4.88"124 (without tab)
Case Width  1.18"30
Case Height  0.98"25
Mounting Length
  5.83"148 (with tab)

  4.57"116 (without tab)
  3 oz / 85 grams

  Cable Specification

Installin accordance with Nationa and Loca Electrical Codes.

Output cable requirements preparation for output.


   Solid conductor:
   Input: 0.5…1.5mm² / 20…16 AWG
   Output: 0.5…0.75 mm² / 20…18 AWG